About Us

My husband and I moved to Harrogate in 2007 from Leeds. I think I may be safe to say that we are the first Sikh Hoteliers in this beautiful spa town of Harrogate and very proud to be a part of it. Even though neither my husband and I come from a hospitality background we do have vast customer service background.

To be honest at the beginning this was nothing like what we had done before and have had our moments with getting the right balance. I think as I've been told by many of our regular guests I need to believe in myself more and then everything will come together. I think I can safely say it is.

Though we have refurbished all our rooms with new modern fitting bathrooms and tastefully decorated each room individually, as you can appreciate it is never ending. There is always something to do. Recently we had the fireplace in the dining room stripped back to when the house was built exposing the original brick but yet have to complete it with a burner that I can't find. Then we've started the work in the hallway but now I don't know what to do with it...there's still the double glazing for the two large bay windows! So, you know we do keep up with the house and though all refurbs end up with me throwing a few wobblies with my other half it eventually gets done and it's always a fab job! 

My first breakfast, what a cracker! I managed to drop at least ten eggs before successfully cooking a poached egg, I was that nervous. Now I'm a dab hand at it though I tend to serve and my husband cooks. We pride ourselves on breakfast. Even though the cooked Full English is popular we do cater for vegetarians and any other dietary requirement. In fact during the BIGGA Conference in January our spicy omelette with chillies and onions was popular.So nothing is impossible. Furthermore, all our produce is sourced locally, we support local businesses.

We are a family business and our aim together is for all our guests to feel comfortable and special whilst staying with us. Obviously we are not always going to get it right so rely on you to tell us on the things we can improve on.

We hope you can join us soon

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